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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 19, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> announcer: this broadcast is presented by the authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the expressed written consent of the international olympic committee. 1:00 am to the second in rio. let's finish up with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys to olympic gold with three days of competition remaining, the u.s. has reached 100 medals while no american women particularly have been successful here, winning 60% of the country's gold medals and more than half of the medals overall. update on the ryan lochte story. two swimmers involved in the incident, jack conger and connor bentz are currently on a flight back to the united states. also scott blackman has released a statement saying, and we quote, behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor
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vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. on behalf of the united states olympic committee, we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. jimmy fiegen has release adrian advised statement with thee return to the united states. we'll have more on the story in the morning. usain bolt will be running his final race 4 x 100 relay tomorrow night.
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the humidity is on the rise, when had things will be a bit more comfortable. >> and homes destroyed and firefighters hurt and flames
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? ? locked inside, a store worker turns the tables on armed robbers, what happened next may have let the crooks slip away. all hands on decks, flames shoot through homes one after the next, the fight to contain the fire could take all night. false report? turns out ryan lochte and o teammates may have lied about being robbed, the question is now will they be charged in rio? news 4 new york starts now. >> it's a stunning twist in a case that is overshadowing the olympic games. at this time last night lochte was sticking to his story and now the police say they made it up and claimed they have proof. >> we are live in rio where it's
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bruce? >> reporter: the police made a bold statement today saying that ryan lochte and three other american swimmers were not robbed in rio. and they pointed to new video to confirm their claim. crystal clear video sunk lochte's claim of a random robbery. at 6:00 a.m. sunday morning, lochte and his fellow swimmers stopped at a gas station in a drunk and vandalized parts of the bathroom of the gas station. they were confronted as they tried to leave in a cab, after a discussion, they paid the manager for the damage leaving before the police arrived. this afternoon, benson conger met with the police for nearly four hours. fighting their way through a
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liar! >> their destination the rio airport, where they boarded a flight home. they should not expect a warm welcome when they land. the brazilians are soured on the four swimmers and the headlines are reflecting growing feelings on american soil that is far from flattering and the usoc has given a statement to apologize. they so where one of the athletes committed an act of vandalism, an argument ensued between athletes and two armed staff, who displayed their weapons and ordered the athletes from the vehicle and demanded that they provide a payment, once the payment was secured the athd leads were allowed to leave, the behavior of the athletes is not acceptable. we apologize to the hosts in rio
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five days and counting on the story with no end in sight. by the way, gunner benson, jack conger are on a plane right now, on their way home to the united states. now, from olympic news, to olympic competition, and the focal point was track and field and who else? the lightning bolt. yes, usain bolt, he amazingly put on another performance. yes, he raced seven other sprinters and history too. and the again raced to the track lore blowing away the field to capture his third straight olympic gold in the 200 meters. speaking of dusting the field, the pride of jamaica, new york, that is, muhammad captured the fourth ever gold, way to go local star and in the decathlon, ashton eaton made it back-to-back gold medals.
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world's greatest athlete. eaton has serious company when you talk about the world's greatest athlete, michael phelps is in the mix and so is usain bolt who are made it 8 for 8 in gold medals over three different olympics with one more event still to come. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. back to you. >> all right, bruce, thanks so much. and here is the medal counted in rio, the united states is far and away team usa added golds in bunches and has a hundred medals. we are your home for all of the olympic coverage, go to nbc new and click on 4 to watch. >> and now to another bizarre story. this time in new jersey where armed robbers were trapped inside by a quick thinking manager, were they able to
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response? we have the details and video you have to see to believe. >> it was just after 4:00 in the afternoon, two men armed with a gun barrelled in to the boost mobile cell phone store demanding money and phones. the manager was there and did what he was told. >> you can check the walls. it's all the phones, you can take whatever you want. so when they were busy, i start running to the back. >> but that's when tommy got smart, he opened the door that connects it to the busy next door and warned everyone all out this door, shut this gate and went next door and shut that gate from the outside. >> get us out of here bro! >> they start slamming through the glass but it doesn't work. >> by this time, a crowd had gathered outside the store. meanwhile, tommy is calling police from the outside. patterson police confirmed they
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someone is stealing in my store and the operator thinks it's a shoplifter. they don't dispatch someone right away. at this point, the robber still desperately trying to get out, finds the master set of keys and hands them to the people outside. >> yo, yo, i have the keys. >> but the folks outside hand the keys to tommy instead. at 4:13, police records show another call was made to thinks it's a shoplifter. eventually, the robbers wise up and find a tool box and unbolt the bars on the back window and escape. records show a third call came in to 9-1-1 at 4:27, this time, the operator said, they were told of the gun and police are sent right away. and the bungling crime duo had gotten away, leaving behind a mess and a bag with bullets and
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>> i call from the customer phone like five times and i told them, it's a robbery inside, they have a gun. >> patterson police say internal affairs is investigating and they will use the incident to help retrain 9-1-1 operators. as for the luckiest robbers in history, they are still out there. news 4, new york. devastation on staten island tonight, homes ravaged by flames, firefighters hurt and families lost everything they owned. it took 250 firefighters five hours to put out of the flames. massive fire at a home jumped from one ajoined house to the next, burning seven homes. two collapsed at one point the entire area was covered in smoke. two people in nearby homes had breathing problems, one was
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for minor heat exhaustion, everyone is expected to be okay. the cause is still under investigation. >> a long island man was arraigned thursday on second degree murder charges for drowning his own mother in the backyard pool. the 23-year-old dennis ullen confessed to putting her in a head lock and dragging her kicking and screaming to the deep end of the pool. it started wit him not taking his medication. he pleaded not guilty. an emotional outburst today outside a queens courtroom. the words that were heard and the gesture wes saw came from the family of the man accused of killing two people, including a muslim religious leader. he is accused of killing the man and his assistant. the family and attorney proclaimed his innocence today,
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community want him to face hate crime charges as well. and they say the murderers have made them fear for their safety. >> the plan to address the castle may not happen. they have been in talks with jack nicklaus, but the talks are stalled, nicklaus and the developer had planned to turn it in to a clubhouse, the castle part of a site of a unsolves shooting. >> we have a new tool, storm ranger 4. >> it's a doppler radar on wheels. giving us access to weather events. >> we can drive it in to bad weather to show you what is happening and where it's going. producing real time life saving information.
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you saw there, which is in jacob reese park. no one else in the business has what we are going to show you. storm ranger 4 takes tracking fast moving storms to a new level. it's red radar sweep shows you how it goes inside the storm. where no one else can get its reach, 75 miles all around, wh you when it matters. >> it's pitch black and i saw that the rain was going, you can tell which way it was going. >> it got dark and the wind came down like, it was a space ship literally landing on the block. and it started shaking. >> raining heavily, but i never imagined this. >> the tri-state area is a storm magnet. hurricanes, thunderstorms, you name it we get it all and now
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driving through your neighborhood to protect your family better. >> we will have a closer look from closer to the ground, so we will have the ability to warn you sooner. >> don't take it from us, take it from the expert that designed the technology. let's talk about severe weather and how it plays a role in it. >> one of the best aspects is being able to take it to the severe event. right now, you are relying o they provide. >> with storm ranger 4. >> more accurate data and timely data. >> here is a look at the radar at work. look to the left. that is it detecting a tornado. see the hook. a signature for a super cell and on the right, that is what the other radars out there were picking up. no hook, no clear sign of the tornado danger that extra expert eye in the sky ended up saving lives that day.
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with the truck and the technology and i can tell you, this is not just another storm chasing vehicle. back to you. >> can't wait to see it in action. thank you so much. coming up on news 4 new york, a shift in the search for clues in a high profile murder that jogger killed in queens, why police are looking for evidence in brooklyn. and an admission from donald trump, what he regrets doing. >> and cheering on new york city's newest golden girl, local athlete that has done
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detectives tonight are shifting their focus, canvassing a new area to find clues in the murder of a queens jogger, they want to find out how the attacker entered the beach where the jogger was assaulted and strangled. the parents made a plea to the family of the killer. >> we need for them to come forward. >> have to do this. >> the family is offering a $100,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest. >> a new jersey football player nearly drowned in a pool. rescuers pulled the unconscious teen out of the deep end of the water and managed to save him. he had just started preseason
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in critical but stable condition. >> donald trump is going to travel to flood ravaged baton rouge, louisiana and tonight took on a different tone. >> sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and belie it. ? ? >> a much more scripted trump tonight and just as he did in wisconsin, he spoke to african-americans to vote for him. at a meeting today, top police officials, hillary urged both
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another. >> after recent events from dallas and baton rouge to milwaukee and across the country, under scores how difficult and important the work is ahead of us to repair the bonds of trust and respect. >> trump met with law enforcement officials today in a fraternal order of police lodge telling them, i'm on your side, 1,000%. >> is shop, they are shutting down next week. that is coming after it was purchased for $135 million. it lost an invasion of privacy suit launched by hulk hogan. they went in to bankruptcy protection after the verdict. >> if there's a broadway show that you are dying to see, now is a good time, you can get two tickets for the time of one. it's almost time for broadway
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sale this morning. the tickets are for performs from september 5th through the 18th. participating shows are aladdin, wicked, cats and the lion king. now instead of $1,000, you pay $500. maybe not. all right. but, exciting news for us as we launched our state of the art tool here. >> yeah, we are very excited about new storm ranger 4. it's like no other technology we have seen in the broadcast business, we are the first o here is a live look at the truck that is in queens, and it's good for us now that we don't have to show anything from it in terms of big storms. it's quiet out there tonight. the radar, the white dome, that's the doppler radar and what is great about the tool, it's not stationary like the other radars that we use. it's mobile. it's on wheels and we can take it anywhere. and give you the latest updated information, especially near the surface, where the other radars
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when storms are coming through, so you will see it from time to time as we go through the rest of the season and beyond. all right, here is a look at the temperatures out there right now, it's a quiet night and comfortable in most spots. humidity will be coming up a bit, and tomorrow, we will feel it more so. you have the same temperature, oakland, 71 and west milford, 73 in islip and 68 in danberry, not bad for you. had a couple of isolated showers earlier, but those have dissipated, and what is left over is down toward philadelphia moving in to cape may, it should be quiet for the rest of tonight. however, a lot of moisture settled off to the south and we are going to see some of that bubble up tomorrow and a couple of isolated showers may pop up in the afternoon. it's quiet through this morning. we continue to see a few clouds in and out with the sunshine and
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not expecting severe weather tomorrow, maybe an isolated downpour here and there, that will last through 5:00 and after that, things will dissipate. not everyone will get a shower. it will be spotty in nature as we go through the day. look at the air quality alert. that is in affect today through 11:00 tonight for southern fairfield county, as the humidity arises, you will get the 71 in bethpaige and the south wind will kick up the humidity a bit and we will feel it. going in to the weekend. temperatures mid to upper 80 and is more humid, we will have a chance for a thunder shower each day. a good day, saturday and sunday. most of sunday showers and storms will come in the evening. and then in the overnight, and we may get a few strong ones as well. after that front comes through
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clear pleasant condition monday through most of next week, where the highs will stay in the 80s. >> i would like to take a spin in storm ranger. >> you will have to make a appointment. >> neat. >> what is coming up? >> we will have to go to rio. we have the olympics and troubling details are surfacing about suspended for the season opener, we will get in to that coming up and the mets go west and have their issues against san francisco's ace. not his arm. his bat. yes, sports just ahead with
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. well, tonight a 26-year-old from queens realized her olympic dream. you may have heard the roar the moment it happened. that was the scene inside the village community center. family, friends and coaches gathered to watch her run the 400 meter hurdles and she gave them plenty to cheer about. bursting in to the lead and winning the gold.
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said, i know i can do it. i know i can get the gold. >> she was born and raised in queens and now is the first american woman to ever win gold in the 400 meter hurdles. tonight, the mayor tweeted, dalilah did it, nyc's pantheon of heroes just gained a new member. we will be right back. ??? ???
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only fios can. the nfl suspended giants kicker, josh brown for the season opener over a dismissed domestic violence charge, he called it just a moment and his now ex-wife said it was more. molly brown detailed for abuse, more than 20 different instances. the kicker was arrested for fourth degree assault and charges were dropped five days later. now that was back in may of 2015. some 14 months later, the nfl has disciplined brown who exhausted all of his appeals. the head coach said that the giants handle domestic violence on a case by case basis, adding he was not aware of the arrest before he was named head coach. brown said that he is not okay with the suspension, today
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>> players that know my character, you know, have been very supportive through the process. i mean, like we said, this has been a year and i have had to play with this over my head and i have continued to play well and i will continue to play well. >> all right, on the field, victor cruz against worked with a trainer to decide a practice, it is doubtful he plays in buffalo. and the mets opening a seven-game road trip start francisco. it looked like a pitcher's duel, and here is one grand swing, the slam gives the mets a 4-0 lead, so we head to the home half. degrom, liking the lead to work with. san francisco, had pulled within a run, bumgarner provides his own run support with a two-run homer. he has homered off of degrom,
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right now the mets are coming back in this one, they trail 8-7 in the seventh. back to rio we go where the u.s. women's basketball team won the 48th straight game, knocking off france in the semis, that means they will play spain for gold on saturday and we will leave the final words tonight to dalilah muhammad. >> you have a gold medal, how does >> what was the excitement like? >> it was the anticipation, i was just, it was terrible. once i was on the line, i knew i was ready and i did what i was training to do all year. >> trust your training and trust your talent. she told bruce she'd get gold
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